Everything Is Going Organic Even Makeup

The competition is fierce in the beauty industry. The market is overcrowded with man brands offering a wide variety of products. Not all companies and products are equal and consumers have taken notice to this difference. But one thing consumers are craving when it comes to cosmetics and skincare are products that are made with sustainable ingredients. Today’s consumers hold companies accountable for the ingredients that go into making a products. For struggling companies in the cosmetic space, they have been able to find a way to get back in the game by introducing products that are made of organic ingredients.

Garnier is a brand that has been looking for a way to compete in a market that has gotten a bit sluggish. Creating organic skincare products is one of the many ways they plan to get attention from beauty buyers. There is a huge demand amongst their customer base for products that have been naturally sourced. This is not only with cosmetics. Many people are holding companies accountable for the way they prepare food and the way they make materials like clothing and bedding.

Much work has gone into this process to create makeup and skincare that appeals to a market that is not just wanting products that make them look good but products that are made of good ingredients. The French beauty company has been working to create a set of ointments that appeal to today’s consumer. This niche of organic skincare is mainly ran by smaller companies that only specialize in creating organic products from the finest ingredients. Garnier is working incredibly hard to launch these organic products. These products will give hopefully recharge their consumer products division. This division is growing slowly. Luxury brands like Lancôme is eating this market up.

Checking out websites, blogs, https://www.blueboard.com/experiences and other sources will give any consumer information about certain products that are organic and made from good ingredients. Maybelline and L’Oreal are other makeup companies that have made the big switch. These two drug store brands have been able to capitalize off of the demand from consumers who are seeking organic cosmetic products. Maybelline and L’Oreal both do well in the Chinese market. Garnier is trying to break into the Brazilian market which poses as a challenge.

Although the organic market only takes up two percent of Garnier’s sales, it has the fastest growing potential. The corporate leaders of this company do not want to miss out on big bucks. Ointments, face cleansers, creams and lotions will come from this company. These are all high in demand products from consumers. By 2024, the global organic skincare market will be worth twenty-two billion dollars. The market grows by eight to ten percent each year. North America is the largest consumers of organic skincare. They make up around thirty three percent of the total organic skincare market share. Garnier is adjusting in their product lineup across the globe to take a bit out of this evolving billion-dollar market.