How Network Monitoring Tools Ensure High Application Performance and Appropriate Service Delivery

Corporations and enterprises that rely completely on the internet for deploying applications and maintaining high application performance understand that there exists thousands of network and related services that have affect application performance. Certified professionals have discovered that application performance degradation originates from certain factors like DNS, CDN, ISPs and BGP routes.

These are complex protocols and mechanisms hence for proper detection and resolution of failure, transparency of the network activities and these systems is a must. In the current world, there are network intelligence firms that provide complete visibility of the networks and services in use that affect the application performance negatively. The extensive collection of data from the network often includes routing and device data making failures easy to comprehend.

Companies that offer digital services and products are growing unbounded and at a very high pace. The portal used to deliver the products and the services can be through a desktop or a smartphone application. These sources depend on the internet connection and other attributes for providing the desired user experience and ensuring steady revenue generation. Network monitoring tools introduce transparency into the system and offer a clear view of the activities of affected applications on the network for reducing troubleshooting time and minimizing performance fluctuations. An understanding of the different internet attributes that are affected by applications and networks is necessary.

The concept of Border Gateway Protocol or BGP and Route monitoring can be understood if one knows that the internet is filled with hundreds of thousands of Autonomous Systems. Any error due to malicious attack or human callousness can impact the delivery of services and the performance of applications. The monitoring tools ensure that they track BGP and all routes inform of any unrequired changes and fluctuations that can assess the performance between the source and destination Autonomous Systems.

Content Delivery Networks or CDNs is an important attribute of the internet that allows proper deployment of applications to users across the globe. Using sophisticated tools, one can monitor load balancing performance and the latency of CDNs ensuring quick detection of problems. The use of Distributed Denial of Service of DDoS always poses the risks of DDoS attacks that can prove to be devastating for the attacked firm. External visibility becomes a crucial step for initiating recovery process before total paralysis of systems.

Domain Name Service or DNS is essential for the functioning and displaying of services and applications. The current trend shows that majority of the companies depend on external DNS hosts and have minimum exposure to the performance problems and the ways to troubleshoot quickly. Network monitoring software ensures that complete DNS infrastructure of the source, vendors in different geographic locations is monitored 24/7.

Migration of infrastructure and databases to the cloud is the new practice since it is secure with fewer hardware problems. Corporations are adopting SaaS applications to create new smartphone apps in the IaaS. But there exist certain dependencies of the cloud that pose as a weak link in the highly encrypted and secure network. Cutting edge monitoring tools provide insight into the applications and services on the network for being able to provide immediate response in cases of failure.