How to Secure Data that is Stored in the Cloud

Traditional methods of data storage are currently being replaced with modern and efficient methods such as cloud. Conventional methods such as DVDs and CDs are no longer trusted, and there is a growing perception that cloud storage has revolutionized data storage and access. Regardless of the benefits that come with this method of storing critical information, the risks seem to be increasing, and data owners are not comfortable. Here some strategies that cloud users can incorporate to secure their data against theft.

Back Up Your Data

Massive cyber-attacks in different parts of the world have demonstrated how important it is to back up data. Even the most advanced systems have shown that they are vulnerable and you can never be guaranteed security. This means that you should never rely on one data storage. People and corporations have already lost critical documents by relying on cloud alone. This is a clear demonstration that at least one set of data backed up in different storage will keep sensitive information secure.

Share Files Wisely

Cloud providers allow system users to share files and other relevant data with different parties. The problem is that some of the files being shared can generate URLs which can easily be found by the hackers. This will provide them with a free pass to the cloud data. Therefore, cloud users should always evaluate the authenticity of the individuals receiving their files so that they can have a foolproof system that cannot be accessed by cybercriminals.

Take Note of the Server’s Location

This is all about protecting the cloud data against access by the government agencies. In the United States, security agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency, National Intelligence Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation can gain access to the servers without permission. Any person who feels that accessing their information would jeopardize with their privacy can locate their services in countries such as Ireland where the court protects private information. There are other countries around the world where private data cannot be accessed without court orders.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Encrypting sensitive data using strong passwords is one of the most critical cloud users should observe. Many people think that they don’t have to use strong passwords because they are using cloud services. This is a fatal mistake that has caused a large number of companies to lose their sensitive data. Some essential aspects underscore the principles of a good password. One important aspect is that a single password should not be used several times or for several cloud accounts. Passwords should also be regularly changed to enhance the encryption of the data. Click here to learn more about encryption and security.

Delete Unused Cloud Profiles

People tend trying several cloud providers before they can stick with one that offers quality services. Some of these accounts contain sensitive information, but some of these accounts are no longer in use. The cloud user might lose track of these accounts, which makes them vulnerable to hackers. To avoid these challenges, cloud users should make sure cloud service providers completely delete these accounts, which will play a vital role in securing sensitive data. Some cloud service providers help their clients in eliminating unused profiles.