New Opportunities in West Vancouver Real Estate

Like many major cities, Vancouver is growing at a rapid pace. Luxury condominiums, new developments, and opportunities are currently available for buyers interested in west vancouver real estate. The best way to take advantage of new developments is to participate in pre-sale projects. Lower pricing, special offers, and incentives make early purchases lucrative for investors and individuals.

The Purpose of Pre-Construction Offers

It is imperative for developers to sell units as soon as zoning is approved in order to get funding. Most lenders will not release funding until a certain percentage of units are purchased. Investors are especially interested in these sales because they can sell those units at a higher price when the development is finished. The return on the investment is full and fast. Some investors will rent out the units and still make a profit, if that is allowed. Some developments do not allow renting so it is essential to check with a real estate agent before buying.

Individuals who take advantage of pre-sale opportunities benefit because they can afford luxury that may typically be out of their financial ranges. It is possible to save tens of thousands of dollars off the price of a move-in ready condominium. Some incentives include free upgrades, three months of maintenance fees waived, and decoration allowances. It is also an opportunity to select the best units in the building.

Luxury Homes

Newly built luxury homes are an excellent investment as well. There are some homes that will not appear on public listings. Private listings are attractive to sellers because it drastically reduces the number of people walking through the home. Utilizing only one real estate agency means dealing with only serious buyers. Agencies that accept private listings provide clients a way to be included in private groups on their websites.

Not all the listings in the Vancouver area are luxury properties. There are also living space opportunities for professionals moving into the area. These will be modern units with great amenities. Pricing is ideal for mid-level managers, young professionals with families, and individuals who want to be in the middle of the city. Explore the possibilities, take virtual tours of units, and learn about new developments online.