Ordinary Signs are Still Around but Digital offers Advantages

Remember, they are the most economical way to share information, this is not likely to change anytime soon. Paper, cardboard, metal, paint and mounts are much cheaper than LCD television monitors! However, digital options are certainly able to offer advantages over their motionless peers that makes them worth the upfront cost to many types of business owners. Business owners wanting to really make an impression turn to digital options, and there are several reasons as to why.

You can Tell A Company Narrative

This is the neatest advantage offered through digital signage, to tell your business’s narrative. A digital sign can display video, audio and oftentimes, a series of still screens. All of these formats work great at telling large narratives within a small amount of space. It requires a very large traditional sign to tell even the smallest of narrative. The possibilities are endless with digital business signs menu boards.

You’ll have the Freedom to try Many Signs or Menus

Remember above when we discussed how these options allowed a lot of storage for a small amount of sign space? This applies in general. Remember, the screen changes; you have multiples stored within the device’s memory. What else does this mean? You can try different signs if one doesn’t work out! It’s simply a matter of adjusting what is on the product’s memory. If one display doesn’t work out, or if customers don’t like something about the menu board, you can change it. Doing so with traditional signage would require a great deal of additional equipment investments. With digital this is not the case.

Engaging the Viewer is perhaps the most Important Piece of Advice

Whether you are trying something new or telling a narrative, audience engagement is important. This is the basis behind which all of advertising, as an applied science, is built! Treat it as such when you utilize these digital options if you want the best results. Telling a narrative with a sign? Do what Hollywood screenwriters do, plant something at the very beginning that hooks the viewer. We’re talking about something that engages them. At one point, do what these writers subtly do, ask them to engage or interact! The customer becomes a part of the narrative that the sign is sharing if you do this.

Remember, you’re still Dealing with Electronics

That fancy sign has computer display technology inside of it. Because of this, you might want to make sure that such signs are always out of customer reach. You wouldn’t be likely to have hurt feelings if a customer smudged a metal sign. You can wipe it clean. That digital product is much more sensitive. You don’t want customer prints all over a digital display! Granted, they wipe clean. What about rougher customers, though? Keep it out of their reach. Also, you are not going to want a digital sign to have too much elemental exposure outside. There are weatherproof signs, but why risk it? Why not have that digital sign under a roof yet still outside? This roof would also serve the dual purpose of protecting the hardware from the sun’s rays.