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Understanding Toenail Fungus Symptoms and Treatments.

With great looking toenails, you will not be a slave to wearing closed shoes but you can rock open shoes and show off your legs. This will not be the case if you have nail fungus. When you have nails which have been infested with fungus, they will be disfigured and discolored. When the nail fungus is not treated early, the nail will thicken and start crumbling at the edges. If the nail fungus is on the initial stages, you might find it resolving without the need for serious steps and homemade remedies will go a long way in helping. Nevertheless, if the infection is accompanied by thickened nails and pain, it is time for you to seek medical help. Some people wait too long to see the doctor because they do not know the symptoms of toenail fungus. You know that you have toenail fungus if your nails have a yellow-brown or whitish discoloration. When you compare the thickness of your toenails with the affected ones, the latter will be thicker. In many cases, the affected nails will become brittle, crumbly and also ragged. If you wait for a long period before you get medical help, the affected nails will end up being distorted. It is also common to have a dark color under the nails given the build-up of debris as result of the fungus infection. Note that there will be a foul smell that will be coming from the nails. It becomes unbearable if you have been wearing closed shoes which are not well ventilated over a long duration.

The first thing you should do when you realize that you have toenail fungus is self-care routine. When you have done the home remedies and there is no relief, you should delay in booking a doctor’s appointment. Note that in the treatment of the toenail fungus the doctor is like to give you an anti-fungal which can be applied topically or be taken as a tablet but you may have to do both if your case is very severe. The treatment does not work immediately and you have to give it a few weeks to months before it can clear. Note that you might be doing the application or taking the tablets for a prolonged time so that you do not see a recurrence of the infection in the near future. This infection can come from very simple things which is why you ought to think twice before having anything done on your nails so that you do not end up with such a nasty infection. When you are using public swimming pools or showers, you should not be moving around barefoot and you should get a pedicure from spas which are keen about maintenance of hygienic.

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