Top Qualities to Look for In A Business Consultant

As businesses grow, their needs change. What worked to streamline decision-making in the past may not be effective anymore. Trying to identify the weak processes of your business and finding a valid solution to be efficient is difficult to do. This is why there is a slew of business consultants willing and able to analyze how your business works and provide suggestions for efficiency. However, before you jump the gun and hire the first consultant you find, it’s vital that they have the qualities shared below.


A business consultant should be professional in all senses of how they interact with you and your staff. Their job is to take a look at the existing processes and make unbiased decisions on how to make a company more efficient. They’re there to learn, not become friends with your staff. Any consultants that try to become buddy-buddy with your staff are not going to be ideal to hire. It’s difficult for consultants to make an unbiased decision when they create relationships throughout your company.

Team Player

You want to look for a consultant that will take the time to talk to all your employees. They should be listening and taking in suggestions provided by your staff. Most consultants aren’t masters of your particular industry. They have a great deal to learn about the industry and they should be willing to gather as much information as possible from all their sources throughout the company.

Great Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter how good a consultant is at streamlining a process if they can’t easily transfer that knowledge to the people at the business their consulting for. They should have great communication skills that allow them to associate with various types of people. Oral and written communication is a must of any good consultant.

Have Other Consultant Connections

Every business is different and no consultant out there is going to have the answer to every single question. This is why having consultant connections is a top quality of any good business consultant. Instead of telling you they don’t know, they can get the answer from their network.

Understand Their Role in The Business

It’s not uncommon for companies hiring their first consultant to be wary of the actual role the consultant is going to play in their success. They know that their business could use help, but they just don’t know how. A great consultant will be able to come into your business and describe their main objects for how they can help your company grow. Business alignment is a major task of any consultant and it should be on their list of objectives when describing what they’re going to be doing for you.

There are many qualities that go into making a great business consultant. By understanding what some of the most important attributes are, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to hiring one. We encourage you to only consider consultants that excel in all the areas above.